AVAILABLE June 2017!

In Sophie Jaff’s spellbinding sequel to Love is Red, two women living centuries apart are bound together by an ancient prophecy, which ignites a dark story of obsession, betrayal, and revenge.

Rumors of witchcraft have haunted Margaret ever since she was born. A strange dark-eyed child in her medieval English village, she was feared and then shunned after her mother was brutally murdered. But when her father remarries, Margaret realizes that she must leave the village for good.
Hundreds of years later, as fall comes to Manhattan, Katherine Emerson prays her horrific summer is over. She survived a killer's murderous attack, and is bringing up her roommate's son but she's paid a terrible price. The man she loves has left her and she's pregnant with his child. She accepts she'll be a single mother-until he insists on doing "the right thing", which means taking her and Lucas with him to London, as he begins his new job. Katherine hopes that maybe she too can start over.
But starting over doesn't mean that the disturbing and dangerous encounters with strangers will end. As Katherine begins to fall apart, Margaret's fight to survive in a hostile world reveals she has inherited her mother's extraordinary gifts-but will she use them for good or evil? Can Margaret change the destiny of Katherine and her unborn child? And what will happen if she succeeds?