A Shelter in Our Car

shelter in our car.jpg

Music by Robert L. Wilson III
Book and Lyrics by Sophie Jaff
Based on the book, "A Shelter in Our Car" by Monica Gunning

"This poignant, sensitively written and finally buoyant show…achieves a delicate balance between demonstrating the hardships of Zettie's existence and celebrating the love that helps her overcome them." - The New York Times

Based on Monica Gunning's moving and inspiring story, A Shelter in Our Car, written with composer Robert Lee Wilson, depicts a homeless family in New York determined to overcome a difficult time. After the unexpected death of her father, Zettie and her Mama, recent immigrants from Jamaica, lose their apartment and end up living in their car. Zettie must cope not only with the everyday challenges of homelessness, but also with school, homework and bullies on the playground. Through the unwavering support of her Mama and her friend Ricardo, she gains the confidence needed to get through this temporary hardship, and discovers that the greatest shelter of all is love.


"...it is a human story at heart."
                           - Variety Review